The Doctor

Doll changeling from 1955


Name: The Doctor                                  Virtue: Justice                                    Seeming: Elemental

Player: Jack                                           Vice:Sloth                                          Kith: Manikin

Chronicle: City of a Thousand Thorns       Concept: Friendly neighbourhood sociopath


Intelligence 4                 Strength 2                 Presence 2

Wits 2                           Dexterity 3                 Manipulation 2

Resolve 2                       Stamina 2                Composure 2



   Skills                                                                                           Contracts

Academics 4                                                                                    Mirror 3

Crafts (Automatons) 3                                                                      Artifice 2

Medicine 4

Athletics 1

Brawl (Dirty tricks) 2

Drive 1

Empathy (Hurt) 4

Expression 3 


Merits                                                                                                                            Flaws

Natural immunity 1                                                                                                           Child

Iron Stomach 2

Striking looks 4


Clarity 5        Willpower 4           Health 7          Size 5             Speed 5          Defense 2             Initiative Mod 5


In 1955 a small boy at a garden party wandered into a maze. That boy did not come back.


He found himself in the world of the fae. A dancing palace for the Pandemonium Princess. She played with the humans as though they were dolls and eventually that is what they became. Plastic and rubber creatures, the size of a human but built like a doll. Smiling rictus mouths and wide unblinking eyes.


The boy played boy roles until the Princess grew bored of it, then she changed him into a grown up doll and he played in new roles. Soldier, husband, doctor. He was a doctor for much of the time, fixing the other dolls that were broken. Eventually the princess grew bored of him again, it had been many years since he had first arrived and he was no longer a new toy. He was carelessly discarded into the hedge.


Unabashed, the Doctor continued on his way through the hedge, meeting up with other changelings as he went. Finally, together, they emerged into the real world once more. It was now over fifty years since the boy had vanished from the garden party, but that boy will never come back.


 Back in the 'real' world, or so they say, the Doctor now finds himself. A lost toy with two new friends, a woman made of plants called Frondine and a strange mishapen creature called Noah. He doesn't like them, but, he doesn't dislike them. So that works out alright.

He can sense the ebb and flow of emotions in others, feel their fears, their love, their pain. But he can not clearly understand them and he does not care. Life is a game, everyone is a toy and he will play with them until they break then play with other toys. Such is the way of life.

 The only difference, that he has noted and disregarded, seems to be the fact that the toys in this world bleed much more than the toys in the play house.


Ah well.


More recently, the Doctor discovered that his real name might be Simon, although he doesn't really care. On an adventure to slay a giant he discovered that the giant wasn't as evil as he had originally expected and was in fact, a girl. The Doctor doesn't agree with fighting girls and so he decided that she would make a much better friend and little sister, after all, Noah Sanz has a family, why can't he?





Tell me, what do you see?


Boy and girl


Are you sure? Look again…

ogre and doll


The Doctor

City of a Thousand Thorns Jack